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Benefits of Sea Cremation

For a very long time, people have been burying the dead in the ground. However, that is a very costly method of honoring the dead. The population is also growing very fast. The deposition of the dead in the ground has been a challenge lately because the land that was preserved for the cemetery has been used almost all of it. That is when we had the cremation method. It has brought so many benefits. Sea cremation is where the dead are burnt and the ashes are thrown in the sea. If you are doing this for the first time, it will be wise for you to do some research about it. You should also consider consulting people who have done this before to offer you guidance. There will also be a need for you to draft a budget that will guide you throughout the whole process. The following are some of the benefits of why you should consider sea cremation.

The first benefit of sea cremation is that it is cheaper than the normal burial. When you think of burial, there is so much that is involved. Imagine having a full funeral service where you will have to pay so much. If you compare that with sea cremation, it becomes almost half of that entire price. The costs even go down if because there are very many options. You could go for a low-cost cremation that will help you save a lot of money that will help you in the future. This also saves you the cost of buying a casket and even fancy clothes for the dead. Formulating a payment plan will be a wise idea for it will help you know what will be required of you to make the function successful. You could also visit different companies and try to compare prices and be able to settle for a company that will be of a better price.

The other benefit of sea cremation is that it is a very portable method. That is because the body is burnt and you just stay with the remains. When you have the remains, you could carry them to any place. When you opt for sea cremation, you could board a cruise ship and have the remains without the whole issue of carrying a casket. A casket is very heavy and it will add up many costs. Burning the dead gives you the opportunity of having the remains in a container and that becomes very portable. You can then put the container in a cruise ship then scatter the ashes at the sea without any difficulties.

The other benefit of sea cremation is that it allows every family member to participate in the burial. Everyone will be given the ashes and will have the chance to participate in scattering the ashes. In case there is anyone who wants to go home with some of the remains, they will also have the chance. That helps people to have the sense of being closer to their loved ones. You could scatter some remains and still have some of them at home. This makes people have the feeling of participating fully in the burial.

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