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Warning Signs to Alert You to Trim Your Tree

The way they color the world green shows that without them the earth would have been a boring place. Taking care of trees is something everyone should commit to because everyone needs the trees to live. You do not need to take care of all the tree in a forest but taking care of those two or three trees in your backyard makes a difference. You may not have been taking proper care of your trees because of you had no information on how to go about it. Here are the signs that show you that your tree needs pruning.

Check for any branches that are broken on the tree because this is usually a sign of damage. The inner part of the tree that has been exposed by the broken branch may get infected and cause more infections that will damage the tree further.

Majority of the people assume that when a tree is excessively green, it is healthy. The branches with high density can fall if strong winds blow against it because in the process of leaves swaying it will not be able to maintain stability.

Ensure that the tree does not overgrow outwards but let it grow upwards. The outward growth will make the branches to get heavy and likely to collapse the heavier they get.

Whenever you find out cracks on the bark of the tree that are too many and go deep inside do not ignore this sign. The cracks are a sign of the tree rotting and ignoring to trim the affected parts in time will spread the rot.

Your tree should not have excess deadwood because that shows that there is a problem somewhere with it that needs to be addressed. Prune the deadwood or the decaying will continue to spread.

No matter how attractive your tree appears with those branches that are wandering in the air, it still calls for pruning. Your tree is perfectly healthy with the wild and wandering branches but have you ever thought that they may end up tangling with the electric wire passing near your or someone’s’ home?

You may be busy, but that tree in your home with crossing branches is calling out for your help. As the branches cross, the bark is damaged because the branches come into contact and rub against each other especially in a storm or wind.

The same way you want to keep your body shape, so does your tree needs to have a good shape. A tree with weight that is not proportionately distributed risks the heavy branches from losing balance and falling which can hurt someone or damage property.

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